CarouShell is inspired by San Diego’s historic Balboa Park Carousel and the local coastal sea life. Our region is a collision of the casual beach lifestyle, biotech, military, border region, city and country, reminiscent and forward thinking, with a clean cut image and a thriving underground. These contradictions lead us to the personality of CarouShell; an approachable tradition of good, clean fun, which when examined closely has a roughly hewn shadowy depth, much like the sea.


Walking toward CarouShell in the daylight will be like approaching an underwater amusement park. The structure will be a rotating, 20 foot diameter carousel with a spiraling, conical shell top and will present rideable sea creatures and a surf board from San Diego’s coastline. We will paint sub-aquatic images on the floor and interior tower of CarouShell. The stationary central tower of the piece will offer the participants a ladder to climb amongst its kelp forest to a top platform at 14 feet above playa. Climbing out of the kelp forest, the surface of the platform will be painted like the surface of the ocean, and silhouettes of ocean birds will be visible as you're looking out over the playa.

The local ocean dwellers featured in our menagerie will include: the Green Sea Turtle, Pacific Sea Horse, Short-Beaked Common Dolphin, Yellowtail Tuna in the shape of an ouroboros, and a Great White Shark chasing a surfboard. All of the animals and the surf board will be rideable. Each member of the ocean bestiary will be deeply carved and richly painted in the tradition of the early 1900's. Before the CORE burn, these animals will be replaced with 2-D versions, and either be given as Kickstarter or WePay rewards or auctioned off to support the project after we get back to San Diego.